Dr. Mike is very flexible and reasonable to deal with. We're an  older couple but generally enjoyed Mike's "down-to-earth" approach to  the wedding process. He modified his presentation to fit our desires and  needs. Truly an enjoyable event! " - Tom 

Dr.  Reynolds facilitated our ceremony with absolute perfection and  professionalism!  Highly recommend using him for your wedding!   - Ashley



"Dr. Mike did a great job on our wedding. What had  originally started out as just my wife and myself, turned into a tripple  wedding with my sibblings as well. As you can expect with that many  brides and grooms, there was some chous and confusion getting things  started, but Mr. Mike was awesome in entertaining our guests while we  got it all worked out. All of the guests complimented how great he was.  We would highly recomend Mike Reynolds as an amazing officiant. Thank  you for helping to make our day special." - Christopher


 "My husband and I had originally planned on using a close friend to  marry us on our wedding day, until we got the news just several weeks  before the big day that he wasn't going to be able to make it. We  immediately panicked and started to look for officiants online. My  husband told me he had found someone named Dr. Mike Reynolds with lots  of good reviews on Wedding Wire. I was still skeptical and convinced the  ceremony would turn out to be a disaster, but we decided to take a  chance. Dr. Mike quickly responded to our email and set up a time to  discuss our wedding day needs. Within minutes of talking to him, I  realized he was just what we were looking for. Dr. Mike is so easy to  work with, and really goes the extra mile to make sure the bride and  groom feel comfortable, as he will customize your ceremony to make it as  long/short, religious/non-religious, formal/informal as you want it to  be. He is warm and kind with a great sense of humor, always prompt, and  very accommodating... He was a perfect for us, and I couldn't be happier  with our decision use him." - Elizabeth 

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"Dr. Mike was kind and incredibly understanding dealing with our rain delay. He spoke beautifully ..."- Brian 

 "Pastor Mike was perfect! We had a destination wedding and he was  helpful throughout the process and preparing us. He was early and did a  lovely job on the ceremony- everyone commented how nicely it flowed,  charismatic and genuine he was. He traveled and was an excellent value-  you can really tell he cares about people and is passionate in his work.  I recommend him so highly and so thankful he was part of our day and  blessed the marriage! " -  Danielle



"Dr Mike did a wonderful wedding for us. He made our sweet family ceremony a great memory." 

"Dr  Mike did a great job taking over at the last minute. We were almost in a  panic becuase our officiant came down ill. He came in with great  professionalism and did a great job for us. He made everything easy and  was a real encouragement. It was like he was planning to do our wedding  all along. Wonderful service! Thanks again for a great wedding!" - 

Dr. Reynolds was fantastic!!!! Highly recommend his services! A+++  - Joey



"Estuvo bien. la verdad tuve contratiempos y no tuve la  oportunidad de hablar con el y conocerlo. El tenía otro matrimonio  despues del mio asi que salio de afán." - Kelli Sofia

"Dr.  Mike was a delight to work with! He guides you flawlessly through all  you need to know and do. Nothing fell through the cracks - our ceremony  was very personal and exactly as we had discussed. We will absolutely  use Dr. Mike in the future!"- Christie


  Mitch and I are very appreciative of your help today. . . you and your wife were very welcoming and made us feel so comfortable! Thank you for accommodating us and taking time to make sure that we had the wedding that we wanted. It was intimate like we wanted and the pictures turned out wonderfully! – Mitch & Brittany


 Dr. Mike did a fantastic job with our wedding. We waited a little longer  than we should have, but he was flexible and worked with what we asked  him for. Very professional, did a great job interacting with others and  making sure everything was detailed. Definitely would recommend to  anyone looking for an officiant. Thanks for making our day great! - Ryan 


Dr. Mike was professional and knew the right time to add in humor to our  ceremony. He was easy to reach when I had questions about the layout of  the ceremony and the vows. He was on time and very personable.    

Mike Reynolds was incredible. I highly recommend him. He responds very quickly and was so awesome to work with.   - Stephanie

Felt like I had known him for years. Truly felt he was a man of God. - Brittany   

 Easy to work with and very helpful!   - James


 Dr. Mike married Kristen and me I  on June 30th of this year in  Anderson,  SC. He was fantastic! Very professional,  yet light hearted  to ease our jitters, very much "All about us" and what we wanted to  experience.  It was extremely hot and humid,  and he was right there with us sweating the whole way!
The best!
Thank you again,  Dr. Mike!
- Mark and Kristen             

Dr. Mike was so awesome to work with. He was very easy to get in contact  with and kept us up to date on everything! Would definitely recommend  him . - Tiffani                                        


 Dr. Mike was great! He was incredibly responsive from the beginning and  his officiating was accomading for what we wanted - articulate, concise  and personal. Thank you, Dr. Mike!!  Robb & Mary   

 Mike Reynolds was incredible. I highly recommend him. He responds very quickly and was so awesome to work with.   - Stephanie

 Dr Reynolds did a fantastic job!  Very friendly, courteous and professional.  - Erick    

Dr. Mike was so awesome to work with. He was very easy to get in contact  with and kept us up to date on everything! Would definitely recommend  him.

 A Class Act! Pastor Mike was very agreeable and went out of his way  to make this special day even more special.  Money well spent for a very  honorable, respectable officiant.   - Eddie          

 Mike was a pleasure to work with let us know what we needed to do  clearly and what he would do. Kept to our wishes as a part of our  special day. -T. Colon, the Groom

 Mike was so professional and so kind.  Our ceremony was short &  sweet just as we asked and included the nicest prayer.  We could not  have picked a better officiant!   - Kaleigh                                      


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